Yesterday we went for a bit of climbing. We have two rock climbing gyms here in town but I still seldom manage to find time to go climbing. I used to go once or twice a week, but this last year I only managed to go climbing a handful of times. Anyway, it was tons […]

Corn Labyrinth

Sunday we went for a bike ride to a corn labyrinth near here. Although “near” may be an exaggeration since it was nearly 60km round trip. It was definitely worth it, the labyrinth was bigger and harder than I had anticipated. Unfortunately my foot started hurting, must have been wearing the wrong shoes the day […]


I’ve been playing around with Virtualbox here at work the last few days (all our MMO games have windows clients, I have a Linux at work), and I must say I am pretty impressed. Before someone comes around the bend and yells “but my favorite virtualisation software XZY can do that too”: I’ve tried a […]

self0wned politicians

The German politicians are currently still pushing laws to censor the Internet (they actually managed to pass one law, now they are trying to defend it and broaden the spectrum of things to censor). It all started out as a good thing, they were trying to eradicate child pornography. Instead of having the child pornography […]

bash foo

Instead of writing tons and tons of small scripts < 10 lines that all depend on each other I have the habbit of writing them as functions and throwing them into one file (easier to edit, less worries about them depending on each other). To be able to use the functions from the bash shell, […]

Triathlon photography

This weekend I photographed the local DLRG (German equivalent to American Lifeguard Association) while they kept watch over the swimming part of a large triathlon here (Kraichgau Challenge). The swimmers started in 2 groups (1.9km and 1.5km) at the Hardtsee in Ubstadt-Weiher. It did get a bit cloudy by late afternoon, but the whole morning […]