A script to diff files/directories on two different servers

Ok,  short one today. This is a straightforward script that simplifies comparing directories on different servers. There is no magic in it, it just rsyncs the directories to a local temp directory and runs diff against them (then deletes the directory afterwards). Mainly intended for config files, I wouldn’t recommend trying to diff gigabytes of binaries with […]

Convert configuration files to ansible templates

I’ve been playing around with ansible a lot lately, and I noticed that while changing stuff from “installed and configured manually” to “installed and configured by ansible” I was running into quite a few configuration files that needed to be manually turned into templates. It can be quite tedious to replace values in a configuration file with […]

How to get Teamspeak 3 running on a current Linux

Teamspeak is know for lagging a bit behind with development. The last few days I have been upgrading my servers to current distributions, today the Voice servers were on the list to get Debian 6 / Ubuntu 11.04. And again I ran into problems with Teamspeak, turns out they won’t work with libmysqlclient 16 libraries […]

Wireless bridge & dd-wrt

I recently bought the WL-330gE_M from Asus. It is a pair of access points pre-configured to bridge 2 LAN networks via wireless, all you have to do is take them out of the box and plug them in, straightforward and simple, no configuration needed. They are intended to enable hooking up devices to the internet […]

back online

The hard drive crash threw me offline a few days due to strange problems with software raids, Xen and acpi. Turns out that using the latest Xen kernel from debian testing branch on a software raid only works of you don’t set “acpi=off” as a kernel parameter. If acpi is turned off, the script “scripts/local-top/mdadm” […]


Doh, I was just writing a bash script to calculate the current network traffic and write it to syslog. nothing special. I’m posting this from my laptop because I was forced to reboot my main PC after accidently writing a fork bomb. I wanted to recursively call myself and detatch the process so I could […]

vmware is odd

I installed the final release of vmware server 2.0 on a server today. Not much has changed since the RC version I had been using. I found some quick fixes and tips in this blog: http://digital.blogsite.org/index.php/2008/10/04/review-vmware-sever-2 The authorization.xml problem was a REAL pain, so I was grateful to find a fix for that. And the […]

Bash Scripting

I’ve been doing a bit of bash scripting lately. Anyone who is interrested in bash scripting should also have a look at the “bash support” vim script http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=365. A fair amount of the addons are aimed at a gui usage (like gvim), but even if you are a console user like me, it adds enough […]

Hackit Server downtime

Sorry for the downtime, wasn’t planned. It was late last night when I set up the knock daemon, I somehow managed to accidently copy and past my terminal which resulted in about a quarter of my /etc/init.d/* scripts getting broken. Unfortunatly I didn’t notice it right away. I did notice it when I rebooted the […]