Setting up multidomain DKIM with Exim

I was recently setting up SPF, DKIM and DMARC for multiple domains and was having trouble getting Exim to sign emails for the different domains. I found an article here explaining the steps. But I kept getting the following error in my exim logs: failed to expand dkim_private_key: missing or misplaced { or } The suggested configuration was the following:

I’m not quite sure why, but Exim was having trouble using the macros in the following macros, so I ended up changing it to the following snippet instead. If you don’t use DKIM_FILE you can omit it. Also you might want to set DKIM_STRICT to true if you published a DMARC policy that will reject or quarantine email failing the DKIM […]

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Playing around with Exim, Spamassassin, DKIM and SPF

I was playing around with my mail server today and decided to have a look at DKIM and SPF. Jump to the bottom for some useful links. You will have to be able to change TXT entries for your domain/subdomains to do any of this. Sending a mail to will generate an auto-reply with the result of your mail servers settings. I also noticed that Exim wasn’t listening to the IPv6 interface and promptly fixed that, and have received my first mail via IPv6. Some spamassassin scores for your local/user settings:

SPF: Syntax: Tools & Information: Wizard: DKIM: Exim walkthrough: Domain specific settings: Tools: Wizard:

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Moving Exim/Spamassassin/Cyrus -> Debian config

I’ve been putting off moving my mail system to the new server for a few weeks now since the old system was configured from scratch using the original config files and not the debian style config files. The differences in the Exim config are extreme. Debian splits the one large config file into lots of smaller files. This is great if: you never worked with exim before, you aren’t trying to migrate an existing configuration that is in one large file, and you don’t have all kinds of custom stuff like imap, spamassassin, greylisting mixed in. Yeah, not me. Even though I find the “one large file” a whole lot […]

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Email Server

I’m not a big fan of using greylisting to cut down on email spam, since it tends to big a big pain in the ass when I run into it running on other email servers. On the other hand the amount of incomming spam has risen to a level where I decided it’s time to really do something about it (not that Spamassassin was doing a bad job, but it shouldn’t have to go through hundreds of mails each day to sort out the 15-20 real mails). So I did a quick google what packages were recommended for greylisting with exim, and ended up using “greylistd” which came with a […]

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