Hiking in the Black Forest

I had Monday off work, so we went hiking in the Black Forest (southern Germany) the last 3 days. The first day we started hiking around Blumberg (I managed to twist my knee after a few km, didn’t really make things easier), then we took a steam locomotive (Sauschwänzlebahn) up the hill and hiked back to the car. Afterwards we drove up to Titisee where we booked a hotel for 2 nights.


The next day we drove over to the Wutachschlucht and hiked a very nice trail. Since the weather was good and it was a Sunday there were a decent amount of people hiking. In the late afternoon we finally arrived at our destination, sat down and rested our feet before we took a bus back to where we parked the car.


On the last day we were a bit tired for hiking the last 2 days and the weather was getting  a bit rainy, so we decided to take the scenic route home, and stop by waterfalls and ruins on the way.



We went hiking yesterday, west of Bad Bergzabern. We had a look at “Puhlstein”. You have a fantastic lookout from one end, and a long row of rock formations protrude from the top of the hill. There were a couple castle ruins surrounding the hill, so the view was nice too.

We saw a family climbing (it was still sunny and warm, but on the shadow side of the hill it was a bit windy and cold). And we saw some interresting routes in the rocks. We also found a geocache (I had loaded all nearby gecaches into my gps before we left), so that rouded up a nice day outdoors.