Where to find real bread in Twin Cities

Anyone from Europe will tell you that what Americans generally consider “bread” is more like a loaf of bland nothingness with the consistency of a sponge that can be mushed together into something resembling playdough. To be fair, it is okay if you get some multigrain bread and toast it to give it some firmness and make sandwiches, but other than that ….

Artisan bread is a step up and brings a bit more taste and firmness. It can be found at various stores, we generally get some from Cub or Trader Joes. But the best bread we have found till now is at a local  “breadsmith” here in Minneapolis / St. Paul. They truely sell real bread. Yaaaay. So if there is a breadsmith near you, drop in and have a look, might be you find bread like you have never tasted before.

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