MythTV Update

Ok, here are some helpful tips for using mythbuntu in Germany: The built-in search for theaters/movies near you only works for the states. Anyone else on the world will want to download this script and fetch the information via Google (change the Google domain to something local to you in the source code) If you […]

[htpc] Graphics card

I got my new graphics card for my htpc today. It’s a low profile, passive cooled geforce 6200 from XFX. I’ll stick it into the PC this weekend and see how mythbuntu copes with it. The card in there right now has a worn out fan and is making a LOT of noise, and a […]


Up till a few days ago I had a computer running Windows and TVedia in the living room (to record shows, time shift viewing, that kind of stuff). I finally got around to switching over to Linux and MythTv. The main reason I stuck to Windows for so long, was that I had a X-Card […]