Yesterday we went for a bit of climbing. We have two rock climbing gyms here in town but I still seldom manage to find time to go climbing. I used to go once or twice a week, but this last year I only managed to go climbing a handful of times. Anyway, it was tons of fun even if I have dropped way below what I used to be able to climb. When doing the longer routes I really noticed my arms tiring, but that is just the missing training. Technique is still as good (or bad :-p) as it used to be and my forearms and fingertips are sore (as so often after climbing). I’ll try to go more often since it is fun, but I really need to loose some weight if I want to climb anything harder than a 5+/-6 (only managed a 5- yesterday, I really suck).
I didn’t take any pictures this time, so you all get some older stuff I grabbed from my gallery of the climbing gym …

Happy New Year

My last few postings were all a bit technical, so this one is going to be  a bit more “normal”. I hope every reading this had nice Christmas and New Years celebrations.

It is a cold as heck here, but still no snow. My guess is that it won’t snow here whis winter, just cold and windy weather.

I must admit I haven’t been climbing for about a month. I really need to get back to the gym and train more. I want to shoot some nice pictures during climbing outdoors this year (not just from the bottom or top, I want to shoot pictures while in the route). And to be able to do that, I really need more finger strength to be able to keep the pace when the holds start getting crimpy.

I haven’t been on my bike the last months either, but considering how cold it is out there … I guess that can be excused.

Without going into too much detail, I’m planing on buying 2 new lenses for my Nikon. They should give me a few new possibilities (which reminds me that I really need to clean up my picture gallery). And I should have a look at my helmet camera, the last thing I shot with that was an indoor climbing session.


I didn’t get around to updating last week, as of October I’m working at a new company. The new job is fun, and totally different environment (went from a company in the financial sector with 5000+ people to a company that develops and publishes games with around 150 people). The company is real cool, and the colleagues are nice.

I didn’t do much last weekend, we played some board games with friends. I should get back to climbing, haven’t done anything in a week.


We went hiking yesterday, west of Bad Bergzabern. We had a look at “Puhlstein”. You have a fantastic lookout from one end, and a long row of rock formations protrude from the top of the hill. There were a couple castle ruins surrounding the hill, so the view was nice too.

We saw a family climbing (it was still sunny and warm, but on the shadow side of the hill it was a bit windy and cold). And we saw some interresting routes in the rocks. We also found a geocache (I had loaded all nearby gecaches into my gps before we left), so that rouded up a nice day outdoors.

New theme, new pictures

I finally got done getting the new theme adjusted to the site. To make life easier I added the links to the gallery as a separate page, will save me the trouble of customizing the whole thing again the next time I change themes.

While I was at it a updated my gallery with the pictures I shot at the Games Convention in Leipzig this year. A few thumbnails from the gallery …

Any while I’m at it, I totally forgot to mention our last adventure with my helmet camera. We took a few videos while climbing indoors, and out came a 18 min. clip. Next time we do this, I promise it will be more interesting 😉

Online Flash Version (320×240) downloadable .avi (640×480, ca. 280MB)