Yesterday we went for a bit of climbing. We have two rock climbing gyms here in town but I still seldom manage to find time to go climbing. I used to go once or twice a week, but this last year I only managed to go climbing a handful of times. Anyway, it was tons of fun even if I have dropped way below what I used to be able to climb. When doing the longer routes I really noticed my arms tiring, but that is just the missing training. Technique is still as good (or bad :-p) as it used to be and my forearms and fingertips are sore (as so often after climbing). I’ll try to go more often since it is fun, but I really need to loose some weight if I want to climb anything harder than a 5+/-6 (only managed a 5- yesterday, I really suck).
I didn’t take any pictures this time, so you all get some older stuff I grabbed from my gallery of the climbing gym …

Happy New Year

My last few postings were all a bit technical, so this one is going to be  a bit more “normal”. I hope every reading this had nice Christmas and New Years celebrations.

It is a cold as heck here, but still no snow. My guess is that it won’t snow here whis winter, just cold and windy weather.

I must admit I haven’t been climbing for about a month. I really need to get back to the gym and train more. I want to shoot some nice pictures during climbing outdoors this year (not just from the bottom or top, I want to shoot pictures while in the route). And to be able to do that, I really need more finger strength to be able to keep the pace when the holds start getting crimpy.

I haven’t been on my bike the last months either, but considering how cold it is out there … I guess that can be excused.

Without going into too much detail, I’m planing on buying 2 new lenses for my Nikon. They should give me a few new possibilities (which reminds me that I really need to clean up my picture gallery). And I should have a look at my helmet camera, the last thing I shot with that was an indoor climbing session.


I didn’t get around to updating last week, as of October I’m working at a new company. The new job is fun, and totally different environment (went from a company in the financial sector with 5000+ people to a company that develops and publishes games with around 150 people). The company is real cool, and the colleagues are nice.

I didn’t do much last weekend, we played some board games with friends. I should get back to climbing, haven’t done anything in a week.


We went hiking yesterday, west of Bad Bergzabern. We had a look at “Puhlstein”. You have a fantastic lookout from one end, and a long row of rock formations protrude from the top of the hill. There were a couple castle ruins surrounding the hill, so the view was nice too.

We saw a family climbing (it was still sunny and warm, but on the shadow side of the hill it was a bit windy and cold). And we saw some interresting routes in the rocks. We also found a geocache (I had loaded all nearby gecaches into my gps before we left), so that rouded up a nice day outdoors.

New theme, new pictures

I finally got done getting the new theme adjusted to the site. To make life easier I added the links to the gallery as a separate page, will save me the trouble of customizing the whole thing again the next time I change themes.

While I was at it a updated my gallery with the pictures I shot at the Games Convention in Leipzig this year. A few thumbnails from the gallery …

Any while I’m at it, I totally forgot to mention our last adventure with my helmet camera. We took a few videos while climbing indoors, and out came a 18 min. clip. Next time we do this, I promise it will be more interesting 😉

Online Flash Version (320×240) downloadable .avi (640×480, ca. 280MB)


Like most mondays I was indoor climbing yesterday. Today, almost every muscle in my body is sore with my arms on top of the list. Now don’t anyone dare give me a “hah, you were climbing wrong”, I know that you push yourself upwards with your feet and don’t pull with your arms.

Nothing much else been going on lately

biking & climbing

I started off my 2008 biking season with one of my standard 30km routes (biking to work doesn’t count, that’s only 2km away). It seems I’m pretty much out of shape after this last winter. I felt pretty dead afterwards. My goal will be doing 100Km a week in summer (split up over a few days, probably 2x30Km and a 40Km).

My climbing is getting better too, although I still have problems with anything that isn’t straight upwards (in overhanging situations, I can’t seem to build up enough body tension). I’ve lost a bit over 5kg since January and my percentage of muscle mass stayed the same, so I’m pretty pleased with that so far. Another 6Kg and I’ll be able to do routes unthinkable now. May goal is to get down to 78Kg, but that’s long term, maybe I’ll be there by the end of the year, depends on how much biking, climbing and swimming I do this summer.