We went hiking yesterday, west of Bad Bergzabern. We had a look at “Puhlstein”. You have a fantastic lookout from one end, and a long row of rock formations protrude from the top of the hill. There were a couple castle ruins surrounding the hill, so the view was nice too.

We saw a family climbing (it was still sunny and warm, but on the shadow side of the hill it was a bit windy and cold). And we saw some interresting routes in the rocks. We also found a geocache (I had loaded all nearby gecaches into my gps before we left), so that rouded up a nice day outdoors.

6 thoughts on “Hiking

  1. ein badener 😛
    hehe ich wohne auch in ka, studierst du dort? oder arbeitest?
    ich studiere an der hochschule (ex fh) informatik 🙂 und interessiere mich nebenbei noch für sicherheit 😛
    bin auf deine Seite halt durch den hackit-wettbewerb aufmerksam geworden 😛

  2. Ich arbeite hier in Karlsruhe 😉
    Ich interessiere mich für die verschiedene Aspekte der IT Sicherheit. Deshalb veranstalte ich auch immer wieder die Wettbewerbe, um das Thema immer von beide Seiten zu betrachten :-p

  3. Have you been geocaching (don’t know if that’s really a word) a long time? I always thought that would be something fun.

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