How to increase Fraps performance with a ramdisk

I recently started playing Battlefield 3 and remembered that I have a Fraps license so I installed it and started recording some stuff. Unsurprisingly the performance made a big dip when I recorded. A glance at my PC told me the harddrive was at fault, probably bringing the whole system down due to IO. Since my PC […]

Gaming & Photo

Haven’t posted here for a while, so I’ll catch up on events. I got two new lenses for my camera, both Nikon. The 50mm 1.4 and the 18-200mm 3.5-5.6. Both very good lenses, and it seems that either Nikon heard the complaints about the 18-200 and fixed the design, or I am just plain lucky […]

Left 4 Dead

(Original posting on The Left 4 Dead game servers are up and running. IPs are on the top right of this page. I added sourcemod and an extra gore plugin to the server for added fun I also moved the Teamspeak Server over here, turn your head slightly to the right to see the […]

Team Fortress 2

Yeah, Team Fortress 2 for Half Life will be release with Episode 2. This is going to be a “must have” on my gaming list. I just noticed that 2 more videos were released, grab them and have a look at the engineer and soldier class: