Didn’t get around to posting last week since I was on vacation. So what did I do with a week full of free time? Well, first I went and bought a Wii. What can I say, I like interactive gaming 😉 The next two games on my wish list are “Zelda” and “No more Heroes”. Wii Sports is fun, but I need something with more “oompf”.

Then I finished up my MythTV computer. The PC has Wifi and normal LAN, but the LAN cable is only connected when I need to transfer large amounts of data (e.g. video files). It turned out Linux was a bit stupid out-of-the-box. Ethernet Interfaces are always UP, no matter if a cable is physically plugged in or not. And since by default all interfaces have the same routing metric I couldn’t connect to the box via Wifi unless I plugged a Ethernet cable in -duh-. So after some google digging I found two useful packages, ifplugd and ifmetric. The former pulls interfaces up/down depending on their physical state, the latter sets the routing metric, so now Wifi works the way I wanted it, and the PC automatically chooses the faster interface for communication.

Thursday and Friday we went to Phantasialand which was lots of fun. A few tips:
– Black Mamba: sit in the first row, it is definatly worth it.
– Colorado Adventure: sit in the last car
– Winja’s Fear (right side) is better than Winja’s Force
– Mystery castle is … fun 😉
– River Quest: you will get wet. the only “maybe” here is if you only get wet, or if you get soaked