New Years Updates

It’s the time of year where I usually update “stuff”. Mostly firmware for network switches, routers, wifi controller, access points, and gaming consoles I don’t use too often. Some software updates for services I don’t boot up regularly, refreshing docker files. Basically a bit of digital house cleaning that isn’t urgent and I don’t get around to doing during the year.

Odd other things I got done the last 2 weeks:

  • Changed spamassassin to store it’s bayes database into MySQL so it’s backed up with the rest of the mail server config. Also switched over to the txrep plugin instead of (auto)whitelist.
  • Proxmox updates at home and on this server. I’m still quite happy with Proxmox for what I use it for.
  • Added a workflow to create a static version of this website on a separate VM, and added haproxy config to automatically switch over to the static version if the “live” version isn’t available.
    I’ve been planning on going 100% static content for a while (and then playing around with CDNs and ), but there is a lot of posts here I’d like to migrate over, and there are a few other small things I have to test first (mostly templating and search).
  • Reworked how outgoing mail is delivered. Likely because I have very low outgoing mail volume, I occasionally end up on Microsofts blocklist for no reason, but Microsoft provides an API to check the status of your mail servers (script checks if the main IP is blocked. if so, it switches outgoing mail temporarily to my backup server and sends me an alert so I can raise a ticket witrh Microsoft).
  • Tools for work (practicing optimizing Bash scripts to interact with APIs, cleaner code, less forking, more built-ins, storing/parsing and displaying JSON data)


I know it’s been quite quiet here lately. At work I had changed to a less technical role, and at home kids kept me busy so not a lot of free time for hobbies. Covid surely didn’t help with mandatory homeschooling happening a large chunk of last year.

Let’s see if I can post here more often in 2022. Will probably start to cover more topics like 3D printing and VR.