Board game organizer for Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game

This is another board game organizer I made and uploaded to thingiverse. This time it is for the game Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game (BGG Link). My children really enjoy this game, so we sleeved the cards and I made some organizers so simplify setup and cleanup of the game.


Since it seems this game was mainly distributed in Europe in various languages, I also uploaded the SCAD files so you can translate the card names into other languages (the German version is uploaded as STL files).

The card boxes include space for the cards from the 2 expansions (forest and ice).

The box for all the heroes makes it easy to keep track of which character had which items between campaigns.

This isn’t intended as an insert for the original box.
Since I have both expansions, I use a bigger box to hold all the pieces.

Thingiverse Link with all the file downloads and printing instructions: