Virtualbox update

Anyone running Ubuntu as a Virtualbox guest is advised to update to Virtualbox 4.0.6 (+ the extensions) that was released today.  Don’t forget to recompile the guest additions after upgrading to 4.0.6. Besides the usual stuff in the changelog, the update fixes a problem with screen resolution in Ubuntu 11.04. Since the Ubuntu update is […]

Wireless bridge & dd-wrt

I recently bought the WL-330gE_M from Asus. It is a pair of access points pre-configured to bridge 2 LAN networks via wireless, all you have to do is take them out of the box and plug them in, straightforward and simple, no configuration needed. They are intended to enable hooking up devices to the internet […]

WordPress & code formatting

I’ve been using the WordPress plugin “developer formatter” for years and it worked pretty good … for a while. Unfortunately it stopped being developed sometime in 2008, which was OK since it did everything I wanted and worked fine. Unfortunately months later I noticed that the plugin broke the visual editor for new posting in […]

MySQL selecting IPs via CIDR

Quick little snippet here for selecting IPs from a database based off a CIDR subnet. First off a table structure with some test data:

Now let’s say we want all IPs from the subnet, using a simple 173.192.175.% would provide false results since you don’t want the whole /24. If your IP is […]

a bit of Baking

Wife did some baking tonight, so I whipped out the camera and took some shots. Unfortunately I noticed that the flash hot shoe seems to have gone unresponsive after a fall a few weeks ago, but using the built-in flash as a commander to control an off-camera flash still works fine.

Script of the day – clean up stale .ssh/known_hosts

This little script takes an IP or hostname as a parameter, and if there is an offending key in the .ssh/known_hosts it removes it and replaces it with the current valid one useful if you are moving/reinstalling a large amount of servers …