PSP Magic Stick

I found a cute little tutorial here on how to create a Jigkick / Pandora Battery / Stick. Took me a bit to follow through with the whole procedure, but it was well worth it. Now I can upgrade/downgrade any PSP, no matter what firmware it is currently running. Nice to be able to switch […]

script kiddies

Well it seems SOMEONE reads my blog, since I almost always have more “hack” attachs from noob script kiddies when I’m abroad. I’ll take care of those when I get home. I see lot’s of emails going out to abuse@… 😉


So I got around to dropping by an internet cafe. I’m in cairns right now and dfinatly won’t be logging into any forums from here (for one the most arn’t on https servers, and for another I don’t have the time to check all the missed postings from the last 2 and a half weeks). […]

Ready for take off

Just got done packing my suitcase, I’ll be leaving for the airport soon. I might drop some updates into my blog if I find internet access while I’m down under. Otherwise you’ll get a whole bunch of pictures when I’m back 😉 Tonight I’ll be in Singapur, tomorrow Sydney. We will be staying in each […]


Since I’m not going to be reading any email for the next few weeks I finally got around to setting up a sieve script to automagically sort my email serverside into folders. So when I come back home I won’t be overwhelmed by emails from my server about the 15 people trying to break in […]

Team Fortress 2

Yeah, Team Fortress 2 for Half Life will be release with Episode 2. This is going to be a “must have” on my gaming list. I just noticed that 2 more videos were released, grab them and have a look at the engineer and soldier class:


So, now that I have my shiny new blog software up and running I might as well use it 😉 Another week of work, and then I’m going on vacation. 3 weeks in Australia. It’s going to be a pretty darn long flight, but we are going to have tons of fun down there. Try […]

Migration will happen soon

Ok, if you can see this, than the website has been (more or less successfully) replaced. I decided to switch over to software that supports maintenance of dynamic and fixed content better. So here we go: The blog was pulled onto the main page. The previous categories from the navigation on the left are now […]