Programming follow up

I just noticed I never wrote a follow up about my script that periodically parses the official World of Warcraft statistics. Unsurprisingly I wrote a basic Web interface to access the stored data. Since I stopped actively playing Warcraft the project kinda faded off my “todo radar”. So it has been stuck on my development site for months -> (not the only project stuck in development, my “Voice-Over-IP Audio Shoutbox” also grinded to a stop after I ran into a flash problem)

I’d say it is about 90% done, currently it monitors 450 guilds and more than 15.000 players each day. It works pretty good, better than I had hoped considering how unreliable the source of the data is. There are a few quirks left in the code that I will iron out the next week, then I will release it so that anyone interested in the code can use it. In retrospect it isn’t much more than a big Proof-of-Concept that can be useful for others planing on doing similar projects.


Haven’t posted in a while, not much going on. Currently the only thing half way interesting is a small web application I’m writing. Every few hours it checks the database of World of Warcraft, and saves in a database who is in which guild. When it is done you can see which players switched guilds when. I’ve got all kinds of funny statistics going on in my head that I can generate out of that data. Since there is no list of all characters oder guilds on a realm, I wrote it to automatically expand the checks when it discovers new characters or guilds. Currently it is watching about 2000 horde players in the EU realm Kil’jaeden. Given the high fluctuation of people joining or leaving guilds, I’d say that after about 2 weeks I should have about 80% of the larger guilds on the realm.

Not much I can show right now since I’ve only written the back end (database, and script to scan and save data). No front end yet, I still have about a week or two till enough data has been saved to actually write and test a front end.