Programming follow up

I just noticed I never wrote a follow up about my script that periodically parses the official World of Warcraft statistics. Unsurprisingly I wrote a basic Web interface to access the stored data. Since I stopped actively playing Warcraft the project kinda faded off my “todo radar”. So it has been stuck on my development site for months -> (not the only project stuck in development, my “Voice-Over-IP Audio Shoutbox” also grinded to a stop after I ran into a flash problem)

I’d say it is about 90% done, currently it monitors 450 guilds and more than 15.000 players each day. It works pretty good, better than I had hoped considering how unreliable the source of the data is. There are a few quirks left in the code that I will iron out the next week, then I will release it so that anyone interested in the code can use it. In retrospect it isn’t much more than a big Proof-of-Concept that can be useful for others planing on doing similar projects.