Useful Software for MSI Wind

So I’ve had my Wind for a few weeks now. I think I’ll share some stuff I’ve stumbled upon (or searched).

The latest Firmware – A little tip, it will only update your BIOS if you have AC power plugged in (and it will give you a error message that has nothing to do with the power source if you don’t). The “hassle” of upgrading the firmware is defiantly worth it, built in overclocking (if something goes wacky and your keyboard doesn’t respond anymore. don’t fret, just unplug ac and battery for 30 sec.).

eeeRotate – Software to rotate your screen & touch pad. Now you can read eEbooks with the screen turned 90°. Defiantly a must for anyone who reads lots of documents on the go.

BTProx This little application can automatically lock your PC if it looses connection to a bluetooth device (e.g. your cell phone), useful in case you forget to manually lock your PC when you rush out of the room.

Alternate Microsoft Bluetooth stack – An alternative to your built in Bluetooth drivers. Theese are from Microsoft and work (for me) a whole lot better with applications.

Download Statusbar A download  addon for Firefox, puts the downloads in the statusbar. Less clutter, better overview.

iFox Graphite Theme that uses less space. I turn off the bookmark toolbar and put the addressbar up in the same row as the menu, saves space (and don’t the magic F11 key for fullscreen browsing ;-))