WordPress & code formatting

I’ve been using the WordPress plugin “developer formatter” for years and it worked pretty good … for a while. Unfortunately it stopped being developed sometime in 2008, which was OK since it did everything I wanted and worked fine. Unfortunately months later I noticed that the plugin broke the visual editor for new posting in my SVN version of WordPress, and unsusprisingly when the WordPress changes wenn to a live version it broke my editor there. But I liked the plugin so much, that I just started using the html editor to make postings here (and have been doing so for over a year). It works, but it isn’t the easies way to write up postings.

I finally bit in the sour apple and searched for alternatives that work without breaking a current WordPress. Turns out there are a few, and none really do exactly I want 😉
Right now I’ve narrowed down the selection to either My Syntax or WP-Syntax I’m going to play around with both, and as soon as I’ve decided which one fits my needs better, I’ll start fixing all the code tags in the blog (ugh). SO bear with me the next few days without code formating.