So last weekend we went camping (if you can really call it that). “Camping” as in 750 people from the DLRG in our state (german lifeguard association). Since our group was only about 15 people this time, we only needed 2 tents (one to sleep in, one to cook in) and a pavilion for about 20 people. was lots of fun as always. There was a river about 2 meters from our tents, so we used that as a fridge for the crates of beer (yeah, I know they float, fixed that by sinking the bottom into the mud in the riverbed)

I managed NOT to get sunburned, which is pretty impressive considering the weather 😉 We were really in the middle of nowhere this time. Taking a shower required a 20 min. walk into town where there was a outdoor swimming pool/area that we had free entrance to.

The official summary can be found here …