HDR / DRI pictures

I admin, I haven’t been updating my blog all to often lately. Mainly due to a) nothing special happening and b) getting stuff prepared for our wedding. So what have I been doing the last few weeks? Well, I finally installed and played GTA IV (which I bought many months ago ;))

Other than that I’ve been plaing around with my camera (and Photoshop CS3) a bit. Tried some light painting, played around with HDR a bit (bought myself a Photomatix license since it can handle my nikon raw format natively), added some of the stuff to my deviant art page d0py.deviantart.com

2 thoughts on “HDR / DRI pictures

  1. “I, Admin” – So wie dein erster Satz oben beginnt könnte wahrscheinlich mal eine Nerd-Geek-Internet-Filmparodie heißen :D.

  2. lol, sehe ich jetzt erst. war wohl ein typo, hätte “admit” heißen sollen. ist so natürlich viel lustiger.

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