website IP, Deviant Art

Sorry for the problem with the website. Seems my DNS Provider decided to do a rollback and the old IP was active for ( still worked). Both DNS entries now point to the new IP again.

In my last posting I forgot to mention I set up an account over at Deviant Art where I am posting pictures of mine I actually find worthwhile looking at. Not that I find the rest of my pictures outright bad, but they are more average and sorted by events/vacations. The ones I post at Deviant Art are pictures I find are above (my) average and worth the time to have a look. Currently not too many, but the collection will hopefully grow.

One thought on “website IP, Deviant Art

  1. Ummmm, Deviant Art is your sister’s life. She’s an administrator of some sort by now. Seems she has gotten into an all-consuming community…at least its not Second Life…don’t even get me started.

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