MSI Wind U100

I bought myself a laptop this week.  To be more precise I bought a MSI Wind U100 “Luxury” version in white with 2GB Ram. It arrived today, and I have been spending most of the afternoon setting up Windows. I must say, I’m positively surprised about how good it works and the default setup. It came with 3 partitions, the first (about 3GB) is a rescue system, the second (about 50GB) has windows installed, and the rest (100GB) was an empty partition. I reduced the last partition to 50GB and will be installing Linux in the other half later on (Dual-Boot). It seems most of the community is only interested in installing ubuntu on the msi wind, so let’s see how far I get with a “normal” debian install. Not that ubuntu is bad, I use it often enough as a desktop installation, but this laptop isn’t really your standard hardware or usage here. So debian it will be, and minimized/customized to to what I want efficiently and good looking ;-).

Since there are plenty of reviews floating around the ‘net, I’ll spare you all a rant about how cool the notebook is.

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  1. Hey, welcome to the exclusive club of MSI Wind owners. This small baby is awesome 😉 You should consider activating AHCI, my Wind runs a lot smoother and a bit longer when it’s activated.

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