HackIt server nearly ready

I spent the last few days fine tuning the HackIt server I mentioned last week. After lots of thought on how I was going to punch holes into the security, I decided on a different approach. Since in the past contests I always found it fustrating to see people with high skills trying out stuff I would never have dreamed of, and in the end to get beaten by people who by sheer luck tried out the right thing at the right time … I decided to minimize the “luck” factor of the contest by not putting any holes in the server on purpose.

What I am going to do is not update any of the packages any more from now on. I’m doing an update right now as I post this, and from here on no more updates. There will also be no updates or changes to the RBAC system. The only changes I will be making to the box from now on, are if it breaks and needs to be fixed.
-> The box will be shamelessly neglected, waiting to be owned.

If nothing strange pops up tonight, I will be posting information about the contest tomorrow in the buha forum, here and a few other places …