– catching data leaks

I was testing a PHP script for security flaws today and needed a way to check if it was possible to “accidently” leak sensitive data to an external server. So I threw together a small script to save the contents of the $_SERVER $_COOKIE $POST and $_GET arrays and dump them in a file. Since it worked so good I decided to leave the site online.

Why did I call it silica? Because silica gel absorbs and stores fluids like this website absorbs information thrown at it. How to use it? Just get your application to connect to instead of where it intended to connect to (by overwriting variables, DNS foo, be creative) and see what happens.

Base Domain:
The webserver will catch any URL (regardless what path or filename) and log the environment. The only exception is the logfile.

The log is automatically emptied every 10 minutes, so save the output if you need it.